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We are organizing a series of webinars for medical professionals throughout the year to take a look at tDCS therapies from different perspectives. Our aim is to help you gain a more in-depth understanding of the capabilities and opportunities that tDCS presents for clinical practice.
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February: Introduction to tDCS

In this webinar, we take a look into transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) as a treatment for depression, focusing on the clinical evidence available, treatment indications, as well as practical examples regarding treatment administration, patient selection, and the importance of follow-ups. Besides, we will present the most recent literature on the field.

The webinar will take place on the 9th of February at 14.00 (CET) and will be held in English.

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April: Patient selection, clinical practice learnings

In this webinar, we will present data- and clinical practice -based considerations to apply when selecting patients suitable for transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) therapy as a treatment for depression. The focus will be on the findings from our last published paper as well as on examples from clinics and professionals who have been regularly using Sooma Therapies to treat their patients. 

The webinar will take place on the 27th of April at 14.00 (CET) and it will be held in English.

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August: Different therapeutic models –Is maintenance treatment necessary? A literature review on treatment schedules, monitoring and follow-ups

This webinar discusses the different therapeutic models in which tDCS can be a treatment option: from stand-alone therapy to treatment combinations. Besides, we will examine the existing literature and clinical practice examples regarding treatment schedules, patient monitoring practices and findings from follow-ups. 

The webinar will take place on the 31st of August at 14.00 (CET), and it will be held in English.

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October: Clinic vs home treatment, which model to choose?

In this webinar, we determine the different placement options for the tDCS treatment applications, assessing the pros and cons of each one from a practical and monetary point of view. Furthermore, we will present real case examples from some of our customers across the globe.

More details coming later on!


December: Yearly literature review, what’s new in tDCS science?

In this webinar, we take a retrospective look at the year's most relevant papers and scientific advances in the field of tDCS.

More information coming soon!

How and where will the webinars be available? 

These webinars will be hosted in Zoom. You will be able to join the webinar free of charge, via a link that is sent to you in a confirmation email upon registration for each one of the webinars. Please, make sure to not have unsubscribed from our mailing list, otherwise, you won't be able to receive the link. 

Zoom App works with OS and also directly in your internet browser without any installation. You can read more on how to join Zoom meetings here

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