tDCS for the treatment of MDD: Frequently Asked Questions

Clear, science-based answers to the most common questions about the use of tDCS therapies for Major Depressive Disorder. 

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What to expect?

With our manual, you will get answers to the questions we hear the most from clinicians and healthcare professionals all around the globe regarding the use of tDCS therapies. 

The guide is divided into four big sections:

  • tDCS as a treatment for MDD
  • Patient selection criteria
  • Contraindications and side-effects
  • Using Sooma Depression Therapy
Sooma tDCS for depression
“In our experience, tDCS has also enhanced the recovery of the hospitalized depressed patients - and if the patient has benefited from tDCS treatment, the treatment initiated in the hospital has been continued at home after discharge”

Anu Kinnunen, MD and Chief Psychiatrist

North Karelia Hospital District, Finland